Past members:

(2018 – present)

Shige Yamada – post doc fellow –
now a Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Ramya Segu – Master’s researcher
now a bioinformatician at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Mengyu Li – Master’s researcher,
now a research associate at Westlake Univ, Hangzhou China
Lauren Stafford – undergraduate researcher, applying to medical school
Justin Kai-Ming Yeung – undergraduate researcher (honors),
now at Kansas City Medical School
Sadia Azmine – undergraduate researcher, now at NYIT College Of Osteopathic Medicine
Peter Whitney, PhD student, now a post doc at NYU Institute for Systems Genetics, Lionnet lab
Shawn Huang, Post doctoral fellow, now a post doc at NYU Langone
Tom Zhang, Undergraduate student researcher, now in med school at Down State
Yandel Morel, Undergraduate student researcher

Haocun Ye, Master’s student, now a PhD student at UBC in Kevin Wei’s lab Dept of Zoology